Bottles & Vials filling lines


Cesam supplies the most advanced equipment of liquid filling systems to meet a wide range of packaging applications. These platforms are ideal for both long and short production operations.
Cesam utilizes the latest technologies to ensure that all fills are performed with control and the highest accuracy. The fillers are based on heavy-duty sanitary stainless steel frames with FDA approved product contact parts.

These machines are designed to utilize a number of dosing methods: gravity, volumetric, pressure, mass flow, or vacuum filling. The equipment can be con gured to dispense the following products:

Each inline system includes a ten-foot variable speed conveyor and a choice of 4 to 12 filling nozzle heads. Other options are available to be integrated.

- Shut-off nozzles
- Air rinse and vacuum system
- Weight verification system
- Dockable filling station
- Explosion resistant design

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